Friday, July 17, 2009

Blogging at Midnight after Twilight

Well I am here in Oregon visiting family and friends. After saying goodbye to my 2 beautiful grandchildren, I came to stay with my GOOD FRIEND Joanne. After a day of garage sales, lunch, meeting her latest grandson, having dinner, Joanne insisted I watched Twilight. I have to admit the show was better than I thought. Well Joanne also insisted I get a Blog, so after Twilight it is almost Midnight and we are working on this blog. I told her daughter Danielle it might be a one time entry but they assured me that I could keep it up. So to all those people who want me to do facebook you can keep up on the Grimmetts in Real Life through the Blog. However this will be a great way for me to keep up on my journal writing and posting pictures of the family but probably more of the grandkids because lets face it they are the cute ones.